Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

Hey folks!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  It was a fun but peaceful weekend at camp with very good friends (old and new) and family.  We went tubing and water skiing on the lake, hung out on the boats, went swimming numerous times (once at about 10pm ;-P  - that was fun), kayaked, napped, etc.  So refreshing.   (See Pictures Below!!)

It is so great meeting new people and being able to call them friends almost instantly!  So happy to have had some time together with great people this weekend (you know who you are - if you're reading this that is)!!  :-p   I got to share my travel plans with some of the folks I met this weekend and so hopefully I've gained a few readers.  :)

So, if you didn't know, I invested in a Samsung tablet and keyboard that will serve as my computer while I travel around.  I am really happy with the tablet so far - it's super light, fast, and simple.   I ordered the keyboard off of Amazon to save a little money.  The keyboard was heavier than I anticipated!  It's a tiny little thing!  What is in this?? :-p  But it works well for my purposes.  Thankfully, I have relatively small fingers so the small keys on the small keyboard aren't too big (or small?) of an issue. 

What else.  It's very hard to focus at work now that I've given my notice.   The end is now officially in site. 
Progress I've made since my last post:
- I printed out the Vietnamese and Indonesian visa applications;
- Saved the Cambodia visa application to my desktop.  Need to print that out as well;
- I got 10 copies of a passport photo* (see next paragraph);
- I printed the the international drivers permit application; and
- I think I told you that I got my vaccinations taken care of. 
Now, I need to actually fill the applications out (which I have partially), then go visit the Consulates here in NYC. The Cambodia consulate is located in Washington, DC. So, I think I'll end up submitting that one electronically.  

Last week I got my passport photo taken and I absolutely hate it!  I look like a pale convict.  So, I think I'll go back to CVS tomorrow now that I'm nicely tanned from the weekend in the sun and get my photo retaken so at least I don't look like I'm about to pass out.  

I think that's all at the moment.   I have another post drafted addressing questions that I've been trying to answer for myself on who I have become while working in the city but it still needs work to make sure I'm getting my point across appropriately.  I still have to think about that one.  

For now, have a good night!  Enjoy the photos below.  GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS PEOPLE!!!!

4 weeks left people.  July 4th - August 4th (last day).   Heck yea!!

View from my hammock (without the ENO mosquito net and Bear Butt Rainfly set up.  I took it down due to a planned bonfire later in the evening.   
Another view from my hammock.  I did sleep outside for a night.  
View from the dock this morning.  You couldn't beat the view and the picture doesn't really do the peace and quiet justice.  It was so amazing and the water was so inviting that after my brief kayak ride I went swimming in my pajamas.  Yup - I didn't feel like taking the time to change into a swim suit!  Just go GET IN THE LAKE!!! :D
Megan killing it on the water skis!    
Mr. Prezz ripping it up on slalom ski!  
Dad is another great slalom water skier.  He's gotten quite a few camp folks up on skis! 
Mr. Prezz also taking on the knee board and did a couple 360-degree spins.  Impressive.  Also took a couple impressive spills as well (hahahaha).  
I can't seem to get this photo down to the bottom of the  line of pictures so I apologize about the out-of-orderness of this photo.  Anyway - I've dubbed my dynamic tablet and keyboard duo "Typo" because there are bound to be typos in my blog posts.  Apologies in advance.  ***Be advised - if you're buying a Samsung Galaxy S2 bluetooth keyboard for your Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7" tablet, the CHARGE CORD for the keyboard IS SOLD SEPARATELY!!  Seriously?  Come on SAMSUNG!!
The little sis (not so little anymore) also ripping up the lake on slalom ski (and looking like our oldest sister in the process).  I've tried to slalom ski several times now and I keep face planting into the lake.

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