Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's Becoming Reality (Someone Broke My Rose-colored Glasses)

I got an email about an hour ago from the program coordinator in Bali where I'll be doing my internship.  The subject of the email was "Tips and Usual Info."   So I start reading through this list which is seven pages long!  As I'm reading this list, it hit me a little bit like a ton of bricks!  This isn't just a dream anymore, a talk about planning something in the so-distant future that you can't really see it.  It's happening in 5 months!  

Topics on this list include: 
Before your flight
Upon Arrival
Setting Up Your Room
Helpful information for transportation, money, health, safety, shopping, internet, fitness, wellness... the list goes on.  

A couple things that were the heaviest "bricks" to hit me were regarding the need for an International Driving Permit and clean water.  So over the next couple weeks I'll be getting paperwork filled out and passport pictures taken to apply for the international drivers permit.  I'll also be investing in backpacking-sized water filtration and disinfection stuff so that I don't have to continually buy bottled water.  All these things I'll need make me concerned about fitting it all in my two backpacks.  :-/  I'll have to be extremely conservative with the amount that I pack.  I'm sure it will take a few rounds of condensing and combing through and getting my gear down to the absolute essentials.  It won't be easy.  

As I read this list, I felt a slight tinge of nerves.  I usually have this big bravado and courage;  I haven't felt at all nervous to head out and travel and explore.... but golly, what is going on!!  I think this list just made it very real.  It's very exciting, but I just want to make sure I'm ready.  If I am prepared, then I can usually handle almost anything.  If I'm not prepared, then it won't be good.  

Take a look at this list!!  :) I've uploaded 3 of the 7 pages.  Hopefully you can read the pictures.  Let me know if you can't (PLEASE would someone leave a comment!!) and I'll try something else. 

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

One last thing to add... I was helping my roommate with a garage sale this weekend and one of the last people to stop in was a man from Africa who had married an American woman and was in the US.  He had worked in Africa and Europe in the oil and gas industry.  From what I gathered from our conversation, he provided training in health and safety for the industry and even though he was "in the height of his career" abroad, he was finding it extremely challenging to find a job in his field here in the US; he'd need to take additional courses.  Honestly, I'm sure there are differences in the way we do things here but I would imagine that the standards of the oil/gas industry in Europe are equivalent or even higher in Europe than they are here.   He was one of the nicest people I've met and it's people like him that make me excited to meet more new people outside the US.  I should have given him my business card.  I don't know what good that would do, but hey... networking is networking.  You never know!  

Have a good night folks.  

The countdown: 5 weeks and 5 days.  

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